This is how we beat the icy field shoeless 
and empty handed 
hardly human at all 
Negotiating a wilderness
 we have yet to know 
this is where time stops
 and we have none to go. 
– Patti Smith ( from Auguries of Innocence) –
This series consists of a collection of images taken throughout my travel, camping in nature, reconnecting and living in peace with no urge to think about problems and daily responsibility.
It is a work of intimate photography, mixing with the documentary style, which wants to explore the meaning of life and love, nature and relationship, freedom and society. Through my images, I urge the viewer to understand the emotional and psychological weight of living in love and wildness on an honest and simple level.
With this ongoing series, I want to convey the feeling of freedom and inspire a fearlessness to live differently, love deeply and live simply. Careless, unbound but incredibly connected to each other, people and nature.