Riccardo Comi is an independent and self-taught street photographer from Lugano, constantly searching for interesting situations able to convey emotions.
He develops his research with curiosity and passion thanks to the continuous stimuli deriving from observing images by already internationally well-known photographers.


In 2016 Riccardo Comi attends a workshop in Venice organized by InQuadra with the photographers Alex Liverani (finalist Master of Photography 2018 and founder of InQuadra) and Matteo Sigolo – an important and inspiring experience for his development of this photographic language. In the same year he develops the photographic project Walk in The Shade created in Lugano with the sole use of an iPhone; the work comes in at the worldwide Top 100 on the site LensCulture.


In 2017, Walk in The Shade qualifies as a finalist in the Lugano Photo Days competition, in 2019 it is published in the prestigious EyeShot Magazine, he displayed his photographs alongside prestigious names such as Frank Horvat and Georg Gerster at the biennial exhibition “Carona Immagina”. Furthermore, in 2017 and 2018 Riccardo Comi is a finalist in major international competitions such as the Street Photo Festival in San Francisco and the Italian Street Photo Festival in Rome.
He is also the creator and founder of the Ticino / Swiss collective Instant.


“The world should be travelled and observed exclusively on foot; only in this way do you truly see the great spectacle offering itself to you”. Riccardo Comi

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Italian Street Photo Festival 2018, Finalist “Single photo by phone”

Lugano Photo Days 2017, Mobile photography Finalist

International Street Photography awards 2017, Best mobile street photo Finalist

The independent photography 2017, Editor’s Picks

A Fresh Selection of Great New Community Talent, Top 10

Street Photography Awards 2016, Top 100


“Walking in the Shade”, La signora degli anelli, Lugano